Carry your stories.

Every lens captures a unique life narrative.
In 1948, Polaroid introduced the world to instant photography, capturing countless moments over half a century, each frame bearing authentic stories unreplicable in digital photography.

Turn instant photos into the canvas of everyday life.
In collaboration with Topologie, Polaroid unveils a collection of Polaroid Go camera bags, straps, and phone cases, grounding you in the present while transforming ephemeral instants into everlasting memories.
Immerse in the passion of capturing fleeting moments and unfolding each unique tale.

Kinlong Chan

Capturing life's fleeting moments with a Polaroid Go camera, Hong Kong director and actor Kin-Long Chan traces his stories through 16 instant photos. With a keen visual perspective, Kin-Long frames everyday moments and draws inspiration from them for future cinematic creations.

Li Ning

Explore a world where reality meets imagination with Hong Kong artist Li Ning, who specializes in tattooing and printmaking. Through 16 Polaroid Go instant photos, Li Ning presents his iconic artistic motifs, breaking the barriers between reality and imagination. The photos also capture moments from his ambitious creative process, marking new milestones in his artistic projects.

Alex Philipps

An intriguing insight into the extraordinary life of French professional DJ Alex Philipps, who showcases his charisma beyond the stage through 16 Polaroid Go instant photos.

Emma Birski

Let yourself be seduced by the world of art, fashion and the limitless creativity of French photographer and stylist Emma Birski. Discover his authentic life moments through a collection of 16 Polaroid Go instant photos, revealing his unique aesthetic.

Loïc Rodrigues

Known for his bold and unconventional visual style, renowned French artist Loïc Rodrigues presents a stunning and original collection of 16 Polaroid Go instant photos, showcasing his singular artistic vision, without any modification or retouching.


Japanese tattoo artist TAPPEI reveals his world beyond tattoos through 16 Polaroid Go instant photos. Inspired by moments of everyday life, he creates an expressive world where art and photography intertwine.

Experience The '16 Instants' Photography Exhibition

Step into the realm of artistry and engage with the profound expressions captured within each photo in Topologie store.

Date: May 20 - June 14, 2024
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