2020/Q4 Xmas Season Kick-off

Dear Client,

It is a very different year. Travelling around the world is no longer easily planned in advance. To keep social distancing is one of the measures for resuming our lives normal.

To carry on with this new norm, Topologie decided to present the brand virtually. Checking out our best selected collections with the videos as if you were attending trade shows. I am sure you will love Topologie.

Wish you all the best and a successful season ahead. 

Topologie Team

Product Lineup

01_Backpacks & Totes


03_Crossbody Phone Cases



Inspired by rock climbing gear slings, the Topologie crossbody phone case allows you to wear your phone over your shoulder. Resonates Topologie bracelets’ simple knot system, offering the minimalist option that goes well with your sleek and elegant outfits.

Get ready for Xmas

Place your order on or before 15 Sep 2020 for delivery in mid Nov